Easy, Safe, Effective Male Contraception.

Dr Greg Anderson has been performing vasectomies since 1993 and has now provided over 10,000 procedures. He is happy to discuss vasectomy with anyone who wants a highly effective, permanent method of contraception.

Vasectomy is a simple procedure that usually takes less than 20 minutes.  Vasectomy should not be stressful and does not require a general anesthetic, with the patient able to talk comfortably throughout the vasectomy. Dr Anderson is the only person present during the vasectomy but with nursing staff available if anything is needed. Dr Anderson performs what is referred to as No-Scalpel Vasectomy (NSV) using the Li method – see FAQ.

The patient may go home almost immediately after the vasectomy and can usually drive himself, although many elect to have their partner or a friend drive for them. But there is usually no real need to disrupt your partner or family for transport reasons although partners are very welcome to attend the consultation as are children.

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The Procedure

Are you wondering what is involved with the vasectomy procedure? We have all the information and more.

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Appointment Enquiry / Booking

If you wish to enquire about appointment availability you can do that online immediately.

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New Patients

If you are considering a vasectomy, please download and complete the attached form. The completed form should be brought with you to your first appointment. We require you attend the practice 10 minutes prior to your first appointment to enable support staff to set you up in our system and enter all relevant health information.

Need Answers

Got questions on vasectomy? We have a whole range of answers for you in our Frequently Asked Questions.

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