Dr Greg Anderson has been performing vasectomies since 1993 and has now provided over 8,000 procedures. He is happy to discuss vasectomy with anyone who wants a highly effective, permanent method of contraception.

Vasectomy is a simple procedure that usually takes less than 20 minutes.  Vasectomy should not be stressful and does not require a general anesthetic, with the patient able to talk comfortably throughout the vasectomy. Dr Anderson is the only person present during the vasectomy but with nursing staff available if anything is needed. Dr Anderson performs what is referred to as No-Scalpel Vasectomy (NSV) using the Li method – See FAQ.

The patient may go home almost immediately after the vasectomy and can usually drive himself, although many elect to have their partner or a friend drive for them. But there is usually no real need to disrupt your partner or family for transport reasons although partners are very welcome to attend the consultation as are children.

Bookings for vasectomy can be taken directly and a referral from your doctor is not necessary, however many doctors also refer their patients for the procedure. Communication by letter is always made with the patient’s general practitioner after the vasectomy is completed.

A consultation will always be required for discussion and an explanation of the vasectomy as well as examination and the provision of a consent form. A booking for both the initial consultation and the vasectomy itself can be made with the one call. The majority of men have the initial consultation and the vasectomy at the same time for their own convenience. This is particularly helpful for those men who have travelled some distance. But no one should feel obligated to proceed with the vasectomy if any doubt is raised during the initial discussion although this would be most uncommon – most men are quite sure of their need for vasectomy well beforehand.

Both the initial consultation and the vasectomy attract Medicare rebates.

A vasectomy does not give instant fertility control as there are still active sperm that need to be disposed of through ejaculation and the passage of time. To fulfil Australian requirements, a semen analysis is arranged at about 3- 4 months AND at least 20 ejaculations after the vasectomy to ensure that sperm are absent before the couple’s previous contraceptive measures are terminated. Instructions for this check will be arranged at the time of vasectomy and there is no need for a further consultation – just a phone call to check the result  one day  after the specimen is submitted.

Patients are encouraged to contact Dr Anderson should they have any concerns following the vasectomy and he will be happy to speak with them or arrange a review if necessary.

Dr Anderson offers the procedure on any day Monday to Friday and can usually accomodate your booking quite promptly.